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Baby and His Boys Caught

By: Hot Gossip Gal Cash Money are walking proof that the Hip-Hop police is in full effect. Again a Cash Money Tour Bus was pulled over and the 124 people on board…sorry I mean the 16 people on board were hauled in on possession charges. Now Baby is saying the pound that the media is speculating the crew to be found with has been totally blown out of proportion as it was only a tiny amount of marijuana that was on the coach. Do we believe that? But one of the 16 people on the bus is said to be Baby’s wife who is only 18 years old. Baby is obviously getting his Kelly on too.

Young Buck Totally Denies Being Robbed

By: Hot Gossip Gal Yeah Buck has denied any truth in the rumors about him having his car stolen, jewelry taken and being beat up outside a club in TN this past weekend. Man Buck is probably one of the realest dudes in the rap game, so like he said, whoever is talking recklessly, is trying to bring him down. And that doesn’t happen. Click HERE for more info

Weezy and Lauren London?

By: Hot Gossip Gal I kinda hope so. I like Lauren a whole lot better than I like Superhead. I mean i still see him with Trina but that is so over now..pastures new is a good thing. The two were reportedly snapped at Hornets Game over the holiday together. Not see the pics yet, but this isn’t the first time I have heard these two have been mingling. Least he ain’t rolling with the young uns like his Daddy.

Put Him On a Leash

By: Hot Gossip Gal Pause for thought…the reason for R Kelly’s publicist resigning is speculated to be because the pied piper is actually doing the dew with her 19 year old daughter. I mean they say she has been around Kelly since she was 4 which makes sense as her Momma was working with him for 15 years…but we all know that chick going to be passing her sell by date real soon. Kelly likes them younger than 19…we all know that.

Is J R Rotem the Father of Britney’s Third baby?

By: Hot Gossip Girl Is Britney even pregnant? I heard she was trying on panties on a shop floor on the Hollywood Strip the other night. The staff didn’t want her going into a cubicle as they thought she might get up to some craziness. Well she did anyway..way to go Brit.

Weezy Takes Pops at The Clipse

By: Hot Gossip Gal What is it about this dude? He be running his mouth about a whole lot of people. I feel he wants to be like 50 and is biting what 50 already been and originality is not a strong point here. He thought the Clipse Mr Me Too video was about him. Hmmm not sure about that Weezy. This all comes out in this months Complex.

Tina Davis Rep Says No No No

By: Hot Gossip Gal OK so they saying Tina Davies isn’t getting down and dirty with her boy Chris Brown..rep spoke out yesterday. All the fans can breath again and get ready to scream when he hits the road with Bow Wow in December. I don’t think this is the end of this story somehow.

He Coulda Changed His Socks

By: Hot Gossip Gal What in the hell is this dude doing wearing pink socks, will someone try and give me a valid reason for this as pink isn’t that good a look on ole Mike. They are just not going with the stripes, is that it?

Usher Leaked

By: Hot Gossip Gal Well who would have thought? And still no buzz about his up and coming album. Someone from producer Polow Da Don’s camp is said to have leaked a track from the up and coming album called ‘Makin Love in this Club’ yawn yawn. I don’t see the net buzzing with the joint so it can’t be that great a track.

Is Chris Brown’s Manager Getting Her Freak On?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Word is that Chris Brown who is nothing but a mere child has been caught up in a romantic relationship with his manager, former Def Jam A&R who is possibly closer in age to his Momma than him. You know all those fans will be heated when they learn that cutie Chris has got a chick after all. And word is his Momma is not impressed with this news at all. I bet she already been on the phone to Ushers momma

Trina Ain’t Lost the Junk in Her Trunk AT ALL

By: Hot Gossip Gal OK here is the baddest bitch showing some thigh at DJ ‘We the best’ Khaled’s birthday bash in Miami this past weekend. That pic I posted last week gets photoshop of the year award…Trina ain’t never gotta get rid of those thighs…

Jayonce Dropping a Country Album?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Say it isn’t so…please..rumors are circulating that B is planning to do just that. I mean come on..she tried the Spanish thing with Shakira…looks like Daddy is trying to tap into another market it would appear…maybe this is him trying to make up for the billboards that the country folks out in Nevada complained about last week…

Bishop Don Magic Juan Got a New One

By:Hot Gossip Gal Only a year since the love of her life died and she was quickly locked out of his estate, the widow of the late great James Brown who is fighting for a share of his wealth has hooked up with the ultimate P.I.M.P, Chicago’s very own Don Magic Juan. They are both denying any relationship for fear of her not getting what she believes she is rightly entitled too..but word is Tomi Rae Hynie is pretty smitten with the Don.

Oh La La?

by Hot Gossip Gal You know what..I am inclined to agree that a billboard of Jayonce in a bikini would be a serious distraction looking at the way she is falling out of this dress at the AMA’s the other night…maybe those people in Vegas were seeing something we weren’t..well up until now that is..I never realized she had it like that to be honest..

Dre And Jay To Drop In On Curtis’s Next Project

by Hot Gossip Gal That’s the word anyway. I am sure if Jay is on there so will Puffy..they are so best buddies now..but anyhow this is just something Whoo Kid divulged but can you believe that?


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