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Bun B F*&k BET

By: Hot Gossip Gal I have been watching this situation over the last few days and knowing how Bun is, I found it highly unlikely that he would instigate a ‘Hate BET’ campaign the way his myspace page earlier suggested, especially after he and Pimp C appeared on 106 and Park with Jay Z earlier this week. Turns out the kid who has control of his myspace page, Chris McNutt is the one who people should be blowing up at if they feel the need, as he is the one that started Buns so called hate on BET. The power of myspace kiddies is nearly as scary as Suge Knight when he reads what Snoop has to say in the Rolling Stone interview.

Lupe not gay

By: Hot Gossip Gal He was spotted at The GQ Man of the Year awards with a female, not sure why people even suspected my fave kick pusher was gay anyway. I found him to be a lil flirty when i ran into him at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival in Summer. But for those who are interested in knowing who is gay and who isn’t, check out this Hollywood gay list from the National Enquirer: Straight: Alicia Keys(!), Jake Gyllenhaal, Drea de Matteo(!), Lance Armstrong, Taylor Hicks, Stedman Graham, Queen Latifah(!) "No Proof": Penelope & Salma Hayek, Ryan Gosling, Ricky Martin Bi: Whitney Houston, Courtney Love, Carmen Electra Implied to be Gay: Anderson Cooper, Michelle Rodriguez, Jorja Fox, John Travolta, Clay Aiken, Jessica Biel, Wanda Sykes Already out: Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris, Cynthia Nixon

Oprah the Oreo?

By:Hot Gossip Gal Well according to Queens most controversial rapper, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson she is. Man like i said yesterday right now there is more beef that there are cows. Ludacris already had his little run in with the Media Mogul and this isn’t the first time Fif has gone at her either. His reason for Oprah resembling a cookie nowadays is she ‘started out with black women’s views but has been catering to middle-aged white women for so long that she’s become one herself." One of my favorite quotes from the Mighty O has to be "I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become," maybe Fifty needs to take a minute to think about that.

Pharrell mad at Britney

By: Hot Gossip Gal Yes it appears that Neptunes front man is a lil annoyed at Brit right now. And the reason for this being that while the pop tart is cavorting frivolously throughout Hollywood with her new gal pal Paris, Phafrell is patiently waiting in Miami for Britney to make it to the studio. Both he and fellow super producer Scott Storch have both been stood up since B left her wanna be rapper husband K-Fed. There has to be a line as long as the one outside Macys on Black Friday last week to work with these dudes, so Brit needs to shape up.

Carmen Update

By: Hot Gossip Gal On Wendy’s show yesterday, tell all Baby Momma Carmen, told the afternoon gossiper that she was given an STD by either Nas or Jay, but she said Nas had adamantly declared himself STD free. Now my point is this, does this chick think with all the gossip circling about the book, sales are going to be amazing? Damn I feel like I have read the book four times already the amount I know about this chick and her love for ‘loving’ celebrities.

Snoop a snitch?

By: Hot Gossip Gal According to his former homie and boss, Suge Knight, the reason why Snoop is keeping out of jail when his fave seat appears to be in the back of a cop car is because he is a ‘snitch.’ Damn Suge, speak your mind why don’t you? This probably comes from Suges fear about what Snoop said in that Rolling Stone interview we talked about yesterday. "Snoop is a rat. He’s a police informer. This is the only guy who never goes to jail no matter what. I don’t like rats," is exactly what Mr. Knight said. Right now there is more beef in the world than there are cows ..come on people the season of ‘goodwill’ is approaching, lets try and be happy.


By:Hot Gossip Gal As Whitney arrived at LAX yesterday it looked like our girl is back on the pipe once more. She needs to get back in the studio fast. You can do it Whit.

Buck the Buck

By: Hot Gossip Gal Young Buck has had his music taken off Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9 for beating up on one of its DJs in a club brawl which went down in Nocturnal on Sunday night. DJ Will who upset the South’s G-Uniteer by playing a record Buck just wasn’t feeling, One Blood by enemy The Game confirmed the fight and is now looking to press charges. So just as we all start gearing up for his sophomore release, Buck is literally ‘bucked’ by the A’s main urban station. So does that mean Game won again?

Snoop at it again

By:Hot Gossip Gal Snoop was arrested YET AGAIN last night outside the NBC studios in LA where he had just been interviewed on Jay Leno. Obviously he was in possession of the typical generic things rappers like to roll with, weed and a firearm but there was supposed to be also some cocaine mixed in with the rest of the stash…hmmm maybe that album of his should be renamed White Powder Treatment as opposed to Blue Carpet Treatment. What were you thinking Dog? On a side note though he has a great interview coming up in Rolling Stone which talks about requests made on him by the scary Daddy of the West Coast, Suge Knight and how his spiritual advisor while dealing with the trauma of Suge and jail just happened to be The Bishop ‘Don’ Magic Juan. Is there a chance that that right there could make Dumb and Dumber next week. We shall wait and see.

Joe Camel

By:Hot Gossip Gal Gotta say this, these pics may cause a lil smile..but they ain’tmessing with his numbers. No matter what you all say or don’t, Jay is still that dude. BK stand up!!!

Cat fight Number two

By:Hot Gossip Gal Apparently Britney Spears new girl pal, Paris Hilton took some time out from painting the town red with the recently single Brit Brit to beat down none other than Lindsey Lohan. LL actually spilled the beans on the Paris beat down to numerous videographers who were shown the bruise that the Hotel heiress left on the somewhat upset Lohan. You are right Lyndsey it is not all right..this is not the behavior of Hollywood starlets. Naughty naughty Paris. But these two have thrown comments back and forward anyway since Lyndsay was spotted with Paris’s ex of only three hours, Greek boy Stavros Niarchos, bumping and grinding in a LA club. LL is more commonly known within the Hilton circle as Fire Crotch and well what LL called Paris, I can’t type. but begins in C and ends in T but I doubt that will become as common as Fire Crotch, however the effect is more effective.

B.O and Bad breath

By:Hot Gossip Gal OK so tell all baby Momma Carmen talks about the women in her exes lives in the typical way a scorned and rejected woman would. According to Carmen’s peek into her oh so perfect past with celebrities of the entertainment world, It’s No Secret she tries to hit Kelis a low blow by stating she doesn’t wear deodorant…wow is that your best shot? Then tries to stir up some trouble with Miss Knowles by stating her ex, not Jay, not Allen but Nasir turned down a date with the bootylicious Beyonce because of her bad breath. Now Carmen my girl come on you gotta come up with something better than that. Alleged bad breath and stinky armpits are not really tainting the images of these two females you know what I am saying

Fat Joe Airs it Out (Jay-Z, 50 Cent & Remy Ma Diss)

GGGG-Unit for Gillie???

By: Hot Gossip Gal Riding high off the notoriously publicized beef with Lil Wayne, Gillie the kid is allegedly ready to sign on the dotted line with the G-Unit. This move by Gillie from Philly would bring two of Baby and Wayne’s ex homies to the same team. Both Gillie and Buck have been running their mouths and not without reason either about the kissing couple in the press lately. Bad business and swagger jacking are crimes that are just not forgiven in Hip-Hop. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

OJ on E Bay

By: Hot Gossip Gal The shelved book "If I did it" by OJ Simpson appeared to be the talkof E Bay over the Thanksgiving Holiday as three leaked hardbacked copies hit the cyberspace shelves. Highest bidder for book was a whopping $1600 bucks. OJ already ‘fessed up to using the advance from the book to clear his debt.


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