‘American Gangster’ Soundtrack Features The Classics

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Don’t get it twisted, Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’, is not the same as the film’s ‘American Gangster’ Soundtrack. The soundtrack drops on November 6 and features classic music from Public Enemy, Bobby Womack, Sam & Dave and the Staples Singers.

      The first single from the album is “Do You Feel Me” by Anthony Hamilton produced by former Public Enemy producer, Hank Shocklee. Shocklee also assisted in scoring the film, with some of the instrumental tracks also on the soundtrack. The film, ‘American Gangster’, stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe and opens in theatres on November 2. Here’s the tracklisting for the soundtrack:

1). Do You Feel Me (Anthony Hamilton)
2). Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? (Lowell Fulson)
3). No Shoes (John Lee Hooker)
4). Across 110th Street (Bobby Womack)
5). Stone, Cold (Anthony Hamilton)
6). Hold On I’m Comin’ (Sam & Dave)
7). I’ll Take You There (the Staple Singers)
8). Can’t Truss It (Public Enemy)
9). Checkin’ Up On My Baby (Hank Shocklee)
10). Club Jam (Hank Shocklee)
11). Railroad (Hank Shocklee)
12). Nicky Barnes (Hank Shocklee)
13). Hundred Percent Pure (Marc Streitenfeld)
14). Frank Lucas (Marc Streitenfeld).


  1. Yep, the bootleg (quality far past excellent)….one would think that this was just an attempt to take away movie sales since it is a “black” movie…but anyway if the soundtrack is like the movie…i gotta get it

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