‘I Love New York 2’ Looking for Fellas

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      For those of you that have been keeping up with the “I Love New York” reality series, you know what happened on the reunion show. The winner of the competition, “Tango”, dumped “New York” in front of the whole world. So you know what that calls for? Yup, “I Love New York” Season 2. For the upcoming season, VH1 will be selecting 5 dudes straight from the internet at I LOVE NEW YORK 2.

      “We are pumped because the fans of the show and of New York have truly been amazing and have built such an awesome community,” the producers wrote on the site’s blog. “We couldn’t be more thrilled than to return the favor by putting some of the casting decisions in YOUR hands!  We know you will not let us down (at least you better not, or we are never doing this again!!!).  Honestly, we hope this will be a fun site for you to not only compete and vote for the 5 spots in the new season, but also a place for you to stay up to date on everything NEW YORK!”

      The first of three rounds of the online competition ends in 15 days. The guys with the most votes get to move on to the next round and so on. The five guys with the most votes after three rounds make the show.


  1. on the real,the way she acts don’t nobody want her ass for real,i dont blame tango for doing what he did,come on yougin,you don’t talk about a mans mom,that breaks all the rules alone for real for real.and who the fuck wants to be in that family anyway,her told tango the ring was to small,bitch please,beggers can’t be choosers,thats new york is a fuckin begger,keep your head up tango do your thing my nigga.(B.O.E ENTERTAINENT)

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