“Hip-Hop’s Bill Cosby”

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      Meet NYOIL. He doesn’t fashion himself the next bad-ass gangsta or a prophet with a direct line to God. But he is a man with a vision.
       Recently a video hit the Youtube that had everyone going nuts. “Y’all Should All Get Lynched” received somewhere around 6,000 views in two days before it was yanked for “inappropriate content”, which is odd considering Youtube only recently deleted South Park and Stephen Colbert clips that clearly violate their terms of service for copyright infringement. But the policing of this new, Googlized Youtube is the least of NYOIL’s worries. His mission is to offer truth in a time when hip-hop’s corporate monster has the masses blindsided with a game of smoke and mirrors
Did you have any specific artists in mind when you did the song?
NYOIL: Ms. Peachez, the dude that dresses in drag and sings that song "Fry That Chicken". That, for me, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am a hip-hop artist, not a Revolutionary rapper per se. And I would have been content just doing hip hop songs. But watching that video was like that scene out of Malcolm X when he was staring at the TV and watching the marches in Alabama, and the kids getting bitten by dogs and blown over by water hoses. That’s what I felt, as if I could hear the kids outside my building screaming out "Ay yoooo what’s good my nigger" at the top of their lungs.
Shit is just out of hand, man. And now I don’t even care about a record deal. I just want to speak the truth and offset this bullshit with solid music.
It’s funny you mentioned brother Malcolm, because I realized your approach was pretty no holds barred as far as the language. Some might say your approach is just as bad as the images you’re criticizing.
NYOIL: It’s funny how people have so much tolerance for disrespect. I can call your mothers and sisters and daughters a rack of “bitches” and “hoes”–no protest. I can encourage your sons and daughters to sell drugs to the community–no problem. But let me say to those that are perpetuating it that they need to swing from a tree, the ultimate disrespect to a people that have been ultimately disrespecting us. And people say “Oh yeah, he taking it too far.”
It is crazy how our people are so apologetic for those that fuck us over at every turn but have NO tolerance for someone speaking against the shit. Look at Bill Cosby. This is a man that thousands of people have to THANK for their college education, a brother that comes back to his old college to support and lend his star power too. This man that had the unmitigated gall to stand before his people and say, in essence, "Y’all are messing up". And people are up in arms. “Oh you ain’t supposed to air out black folks business in public.”
So, to those who ask "Was Bill Cosby right?" you say "yes"?
NYOIL: HELL YES. My only beef with Bill is this: He was saying what he said to the converted. These are people that already got their shit together. Bill is on another level with shit, he ain’t got time to be riding thru Redhook to tell that message.
So you think you have a better chance of reaching the people since you’re talking to them as opposed to at them, or about them?
NYOIL: I think I am speaking in a language and a manner that those that need to hear it will REACT to. It ain’t about me being the dude that makes it alright, I ain’t arrogant like that. It’s about you interviewing me about a subject that everyone is talking about ALL the time, complaining about ALL the time. Wishing someone would speak against ALL the time, and now we are speaking about it, here and now. So now, as the grumblings rise and the message is filtered up and about, maybe someone will articulate it in a way that is more palatable to the masses.
There’s a line in your song that refers to Kanye being the only one to speak out against Bush during Katrina. What are your general thoughts about Kanye as one of our biggest artists that happens to have a different approach?
NYOIL: I really don’t have much to say about son because I am neither here nor there with his music. He is a lil’ TOO arrogant for my taste, but I know that’s what you gotta do to do what he’s doing with the music. As far as the Bush thing, I was proud of that brother. That was some BLACKMAN business right there, because the horror of what was going on tapped into the man, not the image, and he spoke with passion and sincerity. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”; Could he have said it any clumsier?
Based on the images you used in the video, do you worry that other rappers might try to come at you for it? You didn’t really call out specific rappers in the song, but in the video there’s Cam, Lil’ Kim and some others…
NYOIL: Lemme tell you, these brothers and sisters are going to learn what it means to have conviction about a thing. I am willing to DIE for my people. I love being a black man. I ain’t doing this for show, hence me not being about an identity, showing my face and trying to mean-mug and pretty up for the camera. I am doing my thing as an assassin, someone they can’t get at.
If I am a nobody, just a voice, and they are "STAR TIME" it makes them REAL easy to get at. Truthfully I would rather hope that they would see the LIGHT, see that what they been doing is some bullshit. And corny too.
Do u find it odd that with all the other stuff people can find on Youtube, they banned your video?
I don’t find it odd at all. Of course they would because the white man understands my message better than black folks do. They know I ain’t advocating a lynching of good black men. They know I’m advocating a revolution of good black men to get rid of THEIR niggers, that they have bought for a platinum chain and a lil’ fame. Niggers that they have planted in this business to sell out their race. Of course they are going to remove the video.
Plus they just got this Google deal going. No way are they going to have any waves made right about now.
Who is more accountable for the current state of hip-hop? Record companies or the audience?
NYOIL: Record companies and artists.
See the audience is mere people. People are sheep, and that’s no disrespect because I am one of the people. But the media monster has been raised and trained to be a powerful adversary. My stepfather (RIP) used to say "I don’t cha-cha to no commercials", meaning he wasn’t buying into shit the television had to say without proof. Shit have you intoxicated before u can even see the product.
This is what they do with music: At first hip-hop was a prime example of ART imitating LIFE. Once it started making money it got snatched up by marketers and manufacturers and they put it into their machine. The current media machine is this: YOUNG, SEXY, STUPID, BAD BOY/GIRL. Every artist fits this mold. Look at hip-hop right now. This is the first time in HISTORY that the music the parents listen to is the same exact music the kids listen to.
Little Brother had a recent controversy when they asked if the hip-hop audience was just dumb.
NYOIL: Nah we aren’t dumb. The people that provide the music for us think we are so dumb that we will keep tolerating this bullshit. But with the movement that is beginning to get ground with this song and others like it, they will see how dumb we really are.
In your MySpace blog, you rejected the idea of selling music based on your image and instead want to be looked at as an ideal.
NYOIL: My vision is lethal, believe me. This song I put out there, I’m not trying to make it rich off it. I ain’t tryna get a record deal ‘cause of it. I just want the word to spread, show the power of the people. These marketing types are like a thing that eats so much that now it only feeds off itself. They have dumbed down the people so much that they even dumbed themselves down. So that is their weakness. They campaign the same way every time, the same shit, that’s why the internet has the industry fucked up.
                Magazines are fucked up right now ‘cause how do you get people to buy your bullshit rag when they can go on the internet and read people’s blogs that have real writing skills and real opinions and real research skills for free? The record labels are fucked up because how do you get someone to buy that bullshit album when a dude like NYOIL is rocking the entire WORLD for free?
They don’t know cause they are as dumbed down as the people they dumbed down. GOD IS GOOD. He finds a way even in the midst of awesome strength. He is making us Davids to the corporate Goliaths. Just like He is doing to the politics. You see how the Goliath Republican Neo Con’s platform has the country in a strangle hold and GOD is using small things to break them down? Like peoples’ natural predication to be human? Dude gets caught tryna fuck the congressional pages. Things like that are evidence of GOD, finding a way through the most humble of means to make things right.
Do I think I am GOD sent? Nah. Do I think that GOD is present and moving to make things better? Yes. There is a proverb I want to quote. “My son, do not despise the LORD’s discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.”
So your love is tough love, huh?
NYOIL: Sometimes that is the realest love. You want someone to love you so much that they can watch you fuck up and ruin your life ‘cause it seems like that would make you happy right now? Or do you want someone to love you so much that they not only love you in the present, but they love you in the future? They want you to be good long after the MOMENT.
Yeah, getting some pussy is good right now. But in the future when that women turns out to be no good or that man turns out to be no good, you might have a baby to raise for the rest of your life. For about 2 or 3 hours of pleasure. And the way brothers and sisters go now, more like 20-30 minutes of fun.
Nah give me that tough love.


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