2 Chainz Feels Young Jeezy Was Robbed

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I can see where 2 Chainz is coming from. F the MTV list in my opinion. That list does not mean anything because how can you respect a list that has Drake above talented Lyricist like Hov and Meek Mill. That MTV list should be called Hip Hops quantity over quality list. At the end of the day if the fans are happy than it’s all good.

 “When Jeezy first came out, there was so much swag in his music. Now, he’s rapping. But at first, it was like his lifestyle,… The dude came from a kitchen. He’s really a d-boy. A lot of people really didn’t understand it, you couldn’t even understand the slang unless you had something to do with the trap. Unless you’re from Atlanta. We thought he was the illest nigga around for being able to explain the story on them beats like that. But everyone else took a minute… So now that he’s rapping and this is his third album, it took so long, I think people are not just taking the time to digest that joint, because it’s a well put-together project and I was surprised about it because he put out a lot of mixtapes that had good music on it as well.” 2Chainz