215hiphop Presents: Beats & Rhymes A Four Hour non-stop Producer & MC Showcase

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      The fifth installment to our Beats & Rhymes Producer & MC showcase is also
an album release party for both Philly MC iCon The Mic King and Connecticut
Producer Chum The Skrilla The Guerilla. Fresh off a national tour with Cali
vets Souls Of Mischief, iCon toke a ‘lil time off to make the album release
party happen before he heads back on tour pushing his new album. The project
iCon & Chum recently released there titled “Mike And The Fatman” on Uprising
Records. The album was released nationally this past April 17th and has been
getting amazing reviews from critics all over the world. Producer Chum most
known for his work & membership with the Connecticut rap group Demigodz.
Along with his featured production on Apathy’s “Eastern Philosophy”, where
Chum held down eight out of the fourteen tracks on the album released in
2006. Chum is traveling all the way down to Philly to join the celebration
and showcasing his classic and new tracks for both iCon & other MC’s to
perform on throughout the night.

      Joining the production duties of the evening is the legendary Skratch
Makanik member: DJ Jay Ski. Best known for his mixing and cutting abilities
on the turntables, Jay Ski is hands down one of the most talented producers
in Philly. Along with Jay Ski, fellow Bunji member; Mercury is also
showcasing his production talents that he so far has given: Jim Jones on his
last album “Hustlers P.O.M.E.”, Raekwon’s album “Lex Diamond Story”, Dipset
“More Then Music Vol.1”, Saigon, Tru Life, and even produced the theme song
for P. Didy’s TV show Making The Band III. The forth producer is one of the
most un-tapped producer talents in Philly who goes by the name of: Luke
Raws. Most known for his talents for getting break dancers moving on the
wheelz at the monthly events; Fat Laces and The Gathering. Luke Raws has
been in the studio working hard with his group Kontra and the one and only
Reef The Lost Cauze. Not much of a selling pitch really needed on this one!
Just by looking at the credentials of both the hosts and producers, this is
by far the biggest event we have done thus far.

      You may also want to personally not miss this, so email me back for a comp.
Because you may need one just to secure your entry into the place! And as
always thank you much for all the past, present, and future press you have
given both us as a company and website. Were just trying our best to not
make this city lame!

215hiphop Presents: Beats & Rhymes A Four Hour non-stop Producer & MC Showcase:
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Sat. May 26th 2007 @ The Khyber (2nd & Chestnut St.-Philly, Old City)
Cover: $10
Opening the night off & live remixes with:
DJ Tactics (Pure Elementz Radio)

Live On The Beats:
DJ Jay Ski (Skratch Makaniks)
Production Credits: Baby Blak/Last Emperor

Chum The Skrilla Guerilla (Demigodz)
Production credits: iCon The Mic King/Apathy/Army Of The Pharaohs

Production credits: Raekwon/Jim Jones/Saigon/Tru Life/Juelz Santana

Luke Raws
Production Credits: Kontra/Burke/Reef The Lost Cauze

Live Performance & Hosted By:
iCon The Mic King & The Mighty Flipside Esq. (Electric City)
w/some very Special Guests

*Also Celebrating the release of "Mike & The Fatman"

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*Please Note: If we hit capacity, please go upstairs for 15min.(FREE Cover)
and come back downstairs. By then some people would have cleared out