215hiphop Presents: Beats & Rhymes

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      215hiphop.com presents its 6th installment to the producer and MC showcase: Beats & Rhymes. Quickly becoming the fastest growing legacy to Philly Hip Hop, we’ve already had the honor of getting such top notch talent as: Last Emperor, OuterSpace, Jay Ski, Chum Skrilla, Hezekiah, Reef The Lost Cauze, Jus Allah (JMT), DJ Skipmode and the list keeps growing…..

      In this edition were bringing back to Philly producer; Documentalz who while living in all of Atlanta, Philly, and NYC has worked with such heavy weights as: GhostFace Killah, Mobb Deep, Bilal, MOP, Dave Ghetto, and our special guest co-host: Verso. Documentalz plans on bringing out a few special guests and treats in showcasing what he has to offer. And doing this will be host Verso who had Documentalz produce half of his debut album “Audio Visuals” that dropped a few months ago. Joining the producer stage is well known DJ and Viro The Virus collaborator DJ Caliph-NOW. Who’s one fourth of the group 420 and Executive producer for all Viro The Virus’s last four albums. The third and fourth producers are new blood to the spotlight, but not really. DJ Jason Famous has been grinding for years along with two of our past B&R guests, Producer STRESS and MC Side Effect and has been apart of the Krush Unit/ChopShop Production crew for years. He plans to bring both his DJ skills and his production skills to the stage in full force. And of course last but not least a name you probably never heard before, but won’t forget when you leave the show: Philly Ant! This producer was one of the first artists to hand me a cdr at a Beats & Rhymes event, and when we first heard it. We just had to include him in, and now were finally getting that chance!

      You may also want to personally not miss this, so email me back for a comp. And as always thank you much for all the past, present, and future press you have given both us as a company and website. Were just trying our best to not make this city boring and repetitive! 

      *ALSO NOTE: In addition to promotional press before the event, we are also looking for journalists to come out to the show to write a review. Although our video’s do a great job in showcasing the event. In order for you to truly understand why this event is so important and enjoyable for fans. You really have to come and experience it.

215hiphop Presents:
Beats & Rhymes
A Four Hour non-stop Producer & MC Showcase

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Sat. November 17th 2007 @ The Khyber (2nd & Chestnut St.-Philly, Old City)
Cover: $10

Opening the night off & live remixes with:

DJ Roxy

Live On The Beats

Production Credits: Verso/MOP/GhostFace Killah/Eshon Burgundy/Nickelz/Hedonis Da Amazon/Bilal

DJ Caliph-NOW
Production credits: Viro The Virus/420/Slim DSM/Adam 12

Philly Ant
Production credits: Poca/Langston Black/Rich Dauphin/All Pro

DJ Jason Famous
Production Credits: Side Effect/M Ski

Live Performance & Hosted By:
Verso & The Mighty Flipside Esq. (Electric City)
w/some very Special Guests

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