50 Celebrates “50 Cent Day” in Connecticut

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      While bloggers and media alike continually attack 50 Cent for his music and arrogance, the folks in Connecticut were showing him some love over the weekend. The rapper was hanging out in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Mayor John M Fabrizi’s office on Friday and talked to about 50 teenagers about his life, his music and the industry.

      "I say in one of my songs I hate cops. I don’t hate cops," he said according to the Connecticut Post. "But I am expressing the feelings of a young boy who sees the cops take his brother away, and hates them for it. I don’t do drugs. That was who I was, but I changed direction. My music reflects the early part of my life. I got shot five times. But everybody has pain, whether it is from losing a parent or being in a bad relationship. God fits our pain to each person."

      Mayor Fabrizi declared Friday 50 Cent Day in Bridgeport, while 50 gave a $25,000 check from his G-Unity Foundation to the Hall Neighborhood House, an early childhood education program that is expanding its performing arts offerings. Fifty is currently in Bridgeport shooting the upcoming film, “Righteous Kill,” which hits theatres next year.


  1. Belview u an idiot talkin out of ur ass. If that is ur reason, everyone does that and yet everyone doesnt get a day dedicated to them. I have no problem if anyone feels like dedicating a day to anyone thats there choice, but from a general point of view, i dont see why. But its their choice so respect that.

  2. real niggas stand up stop hatin so much on that black man he done shit that shhould inspire us (fuck outta here if u white) being a young black man from the hood i respect his hustle that he came from nothin and now look i hope u 3 fags are around when i get my own day so i will have somebody who has no talent to hate on me must b nice

  3. most of you dont get it…. the more u hate on 50, the more his name comes out of your mouth, the more his name comes out of your mouth, the more publicity he gets….. you think he cares what any of u have to say? dude makin money, wether u like it or not…..i’d like to see one of u hatin ass jokers sell half as many records as him, or better yet create a clothing line with half as much profit as he makin….fools

  4. for one all u ppl really needa stop hatin on 50………….he doin somethin cant none of yall get off yall ass and try to do for two get off waynes nuts he’s not the best rapper alive. to be the best rapper alive yyou have to b versitile waynes one sided. he cant diss. he jus blindin u ignorant ppl wit tats n chains n dreads so u think he is wat he’s sayin…………..gillies better than him……….dnt believe me go to youtube and watch gillies freestyle on the basement……..stop hatin on 50 he still doin wat he was doin when yall was stuck in da 50 cent era……………yall will turn on wayne shortly after he drop yung money dnt worry i c i comin

  5. and zo10 he was always sayin 5 it jus sounded like 9 when his wires was still in action and ppl ran wit 9 cuz it made him mo gangsta he never said 9 he said 5 but u couldnt understand him lol jk i dunno how many times da nigga got shot

  6. “I take a quart of water sold it in bottles for two bucks/ Coca-cola came n bought it fa millions WHAT THA FUCK!?!?!” lol dont knock tha hustle respect it.

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