50 Cent’s Poolside Party Almost Turns Deadly

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By: Rizoh

      A 50 Cent poolside concert almost took a deadly turn when one of Fif’s celeb-pals decided to make it rain for the crowd. Curtis was performing a string of hits from his catalog, including his recent jingle “I Get Money” at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.


      It was all fine and dandy until boxing champ and G-Unit affiliate Floyd Mayweather made a surprise appearance. According to TMZ.com, Mayweather started throwing money into the crowd, thus creating a money-surfing episode at the event. Some of the notes fell in the pool and some desperate fans plunged into the water in pursuit of the bills.


      Fans pushed and tucked at the stage, nearly forcing it to collapse into the water. Concerned for the crowd’s safety, 50 warned the wet fans to steer clear of the stage to avoid being electrocuted. Seeing as no one was ready to heed his warning, 50 decided to walk away from the concert.


  1. thats right,the safety of your life is more important than others peoples ignorance.so when they dont wanna listen or take heed to the warnings!in that case the next best thing to do was to do what ya gotta do and thats keep it moving…”undaworldgod”nyc..

  2. Yo i wish that all you mutha’ fooka’s would stop hating on 50 for real the shit is getting tired now! no matter what he do he’s villified like he can’t do nothing right..anything he do he get’s talked about good, bad or indifferent..damn let the nigga live!

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