50 Cent: “I won’t sign Jim Jones”

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By: Rizoh

      Rumors about Jim Jones joining G-Unit have been swirling on the Internet ever since 50 complimented the Dipset capo several months ago. However, 50 shot down the reports in a recent interview with Bet.com.

      “I won’t be signing him, but I don’t have a problem with him,” said 50. He added that it was a conscious decision not to make Jim Jones a part of the Cam’ron feud. “I kept him out of the decision that Cam’ron made to jump out there.”

      50 went on to reiterate that Koch Records (home to artists like Jim Jones, Hell Rell, and Keith Murray) is a “graveyard.” “Koch is the worst place you can be; Koch is the graveyard. Jim is coming out of the graveyard and what he’s doing is phenomenal.”

      Word has it that 50 interviewed Jim Jones for a BET show that’s scheduled to air in the week of his album release. Who knows what they’ll talk about then?


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