50 Cent: “Kanye Can be My Bear”

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By: Rizoh

      Curtis called in to Shady 45 a couple days after the historic Screamfest show that saw him grace Madison Square Garden stage alongside Kanye, Diddy, Jay-Z, and T.I. Following in the footsteps of Beanie Sigel, 50 poked fun at both Pharrell and Kanye for their fashion style.


      “He can be my bear,” said Curtis, referring to Kanye’s trademark College mascot logo.


      When asked what he makes of his competition with Kanye, 50 was a bit more careful. “He [Kanye] ain’t about that. He don’t want no competition. You’d be a sucker bringing competition to someone who don’t want it.


      Both Kanye and 50 Cent are on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. “We shot the cover the day before the Madison Square Garden show,” commented 50.


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