50 Cent: “Master P Doesn’t Sell CDs Anymore”

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By: Rizoh

     When 50 Cent was grilled about his role in the perpetuation of violent rap lyrics at a BET Awards Nomination conference, he resorted to the classic copout—music is a reflection of society.

      It’s the harsh realities that end up in the music. If I ask you to paint a picture of the American flag and not use the color red, you’re gonna have a difficult time. To capture what we try to capture in the art form, I’m sure some conservative Americans can’t ID [identify] with it because of their lifestyle and the way they’ve actually been brought up, and they haven’t been exposed to those realities.”

      When asked about Master P’s new decision to use positive lyrics in his music, 50 cent quipped, “Well Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore. You can tell him I said it. Cameras is rollin’ right?”


It’ll be interesting to see what Master P has to say to 50.


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