50 Cent: “Nas Sucks”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      With all the media attention Nas is getting for his upcoming album “Nigger”, everyone has an opinion on the rapper’s intentions. MTV News asked 50 Cent what he thought of the move on the set of his new video, “I’ll Still Kill,” with Akon.
      "Nas sucks. It’s nonsense, man. That’s a stupid name. It doesn’t make sense. Why would you title it that? 50 told MTV News. "He just wants to make basic conversation. You helped him out because you asked me [about it], and people who are interested in me would like to hear the answer. But other than that, there’s nothing interesting in that. It’s just for shock value."
      As previously reported Nas album will hit stores on December 11.


  1. this nigga 5.0. cant even fuck wit the college drop out!!! kill this and kill that…or i love strippers rap!!nigga get ur creativity up then talk about somebody else…p.s. nas u my nigga,just make sure u bring the hot beats with them ryhmes!!! 1love. capeche!!

  2. Aw shit!! Nas don did it now nigga. White people all around the world gonna be saying nigga and gettin they eye’s jabbed up. And that Jena 6 shit just went down!! Nigga for a minute it’s fittna get ugly in AMERICA!! Oh yeah, I still fux wit 50. He wildin on Nas but I still fux wit 50.

  3. hold the fuck up i respect nas and 50 i like bof od dem but lets b 4 real nas is 1 of the reasons 50 made it in to the rap game he had 50 on his tour back wen the stillmattic album came out….50 is 50 cuz of nas jam masta j and onyx

  4. Come on dudes… people(white) already have a reason to say it, the word is already present in nearly every rap artist’s lyrics. Think about it! People including (50cent) who don’t understand why Nas would title the album nigger are ignorant. He is using it to show how perverse the word has become.

  5. Nas is stil dope! 50 is TRASH, and LIL WAYNE is a HOMO, Please don’t support LIL WAYNE, He kisses another man! Whats wrong with hip hop!

  6. if i’m not mistaken nas was out before jay even thought about rapping. oh yea didn’t jay sample nas dead president’s for reasonable doubt. so who is trying to be who?

  7. let’s get something straight, this word has been created to make us feel low has black people. we took it and gave it another meaning. black folks in the world has been calling each other nigga in their own language. i’m haitian and haitians have been calling each other that since slavery time and that’s before we become independant in 1804. nas is one of the smartest emcees in the game. the nigga is book smart he knows what he’s doing

  8. Fuck 50, he aint nothin but a pop artist that got a bunch tone def motha fuckss buyin his cd. Nasty Na$ is way above his level. 50 aint even high enough to kiss Nas’s feet

  9. I understand the reason why Nas named his album that but that still not going to make it right to call anybody niger regardless,Its only right between mufukas who was brought up in the hood, shit let a white mufuka call me niger it won’t be pretty.And only reason why white people don’t care when you call them cracker is because they didn’t have to go through what the fuck we went through.Shit don’t get me started.

  10. that nigga 50 is garbage anyway his cds get wacker and wacker each time he comes out the only reason he sells is because of his name talk about something new

  11. yeah it is DIPSET BITCH!!! 50 whack as hell tho but at the same time he do got a point about the title of the album, but then thats just how nas is about his shit that nigga raw he is my number 1 rapper but he just dont come out with shit often enough.

  12. Can we stay on topic here please 50 cent is most of thr reason for this “hip-pop bull shit THis game is so fucked up because the people who have the most talent as far as making real fucking hip hop Nas has his spot etched in stone with the greats like KRS,Run DMC,Rakim Pac ,Big…..Nas in the echelon of musicians and 50 cent is doing collabo’s with justin timberlake enough said

  13. Yo Nas is a true classic. All you young catz need to respect the god. Jay is a Nas fan you stupid fucks, why do you think he signed him. It’s like most yall young punks don’t like lyrics with any intelligence in it. Thats why hip hops dead. I hate ignorant music. Do you even know what a five per center is FLYGUY00? Nah cuz you a stupid fuck. Nas don’t sound anything like Jay.Totally different swagga

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