50 Cent: America Might Kill A Black President, Endorses Hillary

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  1. this nigga has no faith and on top of that is an uncle tom and cats be praising this bitch ass nigga 50 cent is one nigga we dont need.we dont need cowards for our revolution fuck that cracker ass nigga thats why its hard to listen to rap music 2day niggas is stupid and uneducated and mis-informed somebody need to shoot his ass again and this time get the job done,uncle tom ass nigga livin in conneticut with all them racist as people do your history thats the last place you should live as a black person weak ass link nigga these rappers make me sick…..

  2. Revolution? What revolution? The only revolution is the one the Fed Govt is unleashing on the citizens of this country. Even MLK said that the coming revolution won’t be about black or white it will be the haves against the have nots. The divide is growing based on economics, not color. The same 6 families that started this country are still in control and won’t relenquish it to anyone. Do you really think it will matter who gets into office? They are just a figurehead for the controllers. Let 50 think what he wants but don’t be fooled by what the media tells you. There is no security and the president is a manufactured position meant to give the U.S. citizens a sense of leadership that really doesn’t exist for them.

  3. Aint this about a bitch,we,black people, finally get some one who looks just like us to run the country and then we get a sellout to speak on some shit he knows nothing about just cause he got the publics ear. I’m not sayn b down with BARACK bcuz he’s black but dam when is it our turn? Plus when one of our own,supposedly,turns to a monkee ass monkee who can barely have a respectful debate n then endorse the monkee without even paying attention to the canidates issues! R u fuckn serious!!! I think we as black people need to b more informed b4 we start endorsing people!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

  4. first off 50 has a point shit this cat popped up out of nowhere and i know wat the fuck im talkin about i’ve did my research and he just doesnt have the exsp. needed and his resume is the lightest of any man that has ever ran for prez. now i’m supose to vote for a cat that only spent a few years in the senate. shit he aint never ran nothing not a city not a state not even a concil. shit when he met his wife she was his boss. they put him in the race to slow down hillary cause she was too far ahead in the poles.. our stupid asses only picking him cause he’s black!! do your homework and you will agree the kid needs more seasoning!! he’ll be ready in 2016 for sure. shit you have to do more than talk a good one!!!!!

  5. killakali u n idiot the chic been there 6 obama4 she has no experience and when her husband ran they said the same thing u ni&&as need to wake the fuck up 50sound stupid if Dr KING and other civir rights leaders thought that way we still would hane seperate but unequal things in life i promise let some white person do somethuing against a blk and u same Clinton supporters will be hollering that raise shit u NI##as need to WAKEUP

  6. We all know that but,”but hey”!…they hatin when another black brother speaks his mind…we just not ready 4 a black president till this mess get cleaned up dat bush started!!!don’t hate on 50cent this is America where we have the right to save what we feel.

  7. The United States was not established for the black people. But we have made out footprint here. a black person president will be by far, the best thing to ever happen to out race. But 50 cent speaks the truth, america may not be ready for a black president.

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