50 Cent Says Cam’ron Has AIDS!!

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By: Rizoh

      The much-publicized feud between 50 Cent and Cam’ron has spilled onto a 2nd round showdown. After landing the first jab with his “Funeral Music” video, 50 now teams up with Young Buck on a song called “Hold On” to deliver more lyrical assault to Cam’ron. While the song doesn’t really contain any direct disses to Cam or the Dipset crew, 50’s disparaging statement at the end of the track is clearly targeted at Cam.


"Talking about you got I.B.S./N***a, you got A.I.D.S."


      The line is a reference to Cam’ron’s song, “I.B.S.,” which appears on Killa Season. On the song, the Dipset General admits to having suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, “This is a true story/I got stomach pain, don’t matter sun or rain/Thought that it went away, uh oh, here it come again.”


Watch Young Buck & 50 Cent’s “Hold On” Video below:


  1. SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHH! Now, if anyone think Fifty can’t produce quality music you gotta be dumbed out. I could’ve sworn Buck said he wasn’t participating in this beef.WTF. I don’t know what could be taking it to far. I’d qualify this as it and this is only the 2nd round.What next 50 gon’ talk bout his moms addiction. Please stick to ya’ll record sale and distribution as subject matter cause that shit ain’t sweet. I.B.S. nor A.I.D.S. and to put him on front. Cold. Solid Music but Cold.

  2. i’m waitning for a quality diss record from either camp. cam won round one, this one sounds a little better than the first 50 attempt.

  3. all this hip hop beef is rediculous, its pointless and neither one of these cats are ever gonna follow thru wit the shit they be talkin.. You neva know these two niggas (no homo) may have eachother hands in each others pockets. The rap industry is so… Well ya think what ya think

  4. 50 cent still has fans i see. He may be rich but he’s getting boring with the same ol stunts. Today it’s Cam tomorrow its its someone in his own crew. When will u clowns see he’s playing u like a damn video game. The funny thing is that this the shit making the news. Young Buck should be smart enough to get out of that shit. This G-Unit shit is over. The Dip-Set sgit soon after that. Wake up niggas

  5. Ok.this the same stuff Fifty did last year and the year b4 and the year b4 and the year b4. When is yall gonna wakeup and these rappers gonna find somethin new to sell. G-unot is wack and Dip- Shit is clowns. Please can a rapper step up and rap. Thats y the south run this because these clowns dont have no new ideas. Way to got Fifty. Hip Hop is truly dead

  6. now u niggas is stupid as hell ,do u know what cam is capable of lyrically,u think cam just came out when he signed to dame and jay niggas why u think biggie and un signed him ,records sales dont make skills.fifty got the hooks i’ll give him that but between the hooks
    he aint fucking with cam ,this aint a battleof selling records its a battle of skills..
    check out both versions of fantastic 4 on dj clues albums /C.O.F/S.D.E LMAO

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