50 Cent Stashed Cocaine in Women’s Panties

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By: Rizoh

      Forgive 50 Cent for pandering to the opposite sex a little too much; maybe he’s trying to atone for past sins to the females. As a drug dealer, one of Fif’s secret stash spots was women’s panties. He disclosed this in the August 2007 issue of Blender magazine in a feature titled “33 Things About 50 Cent.”

      When cops raided Curtis one morning, they found a surprise stashed in the least expected hiding place. “When they searched her, they found 36 vials of crack and 12 packs of heroin in her underwear,” he tells Blender.

      Speaking of 50, he recently wrapped up a video shoot for his new single, “I Get Money.” Curtis, 50 Cent’s third LP, is scheduled for release in September.


  1. 50 is that nigga talking bout he not real 50 is the realest nigga he dont gotta be in the hood no more and thats every hustlers dream but i wouldnt expect u fake ass niggas to understand that

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