50 Taking Shots.At T.I.?

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On a track on G-Unit’s upcoming album "Terminate On Sight", 50 had this to say:

“Nowaways this rap shit aint adding up. How n—-s get caught with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months?

Oo-weee, don’t talk to me. If you talking to him, you talking to them…

I got the best lawyers that money can buy….they say at best they woulda got me 10 or maybe 9.

I said, how do you explain how the homie breezed? They said, you keep your mouth shut or you eat the cheese.”

Sounds like 50 is referring to T.I., what do you think?


  1. dat nigga 50 dont want it wit tip 50 only had 1 hot album massacre was straight curtis was doo doo 50 sell 2 dem crackers tip has atleast 4 hot ass albums 50 need 2 calm down on dat note bra

  2. T.I. is fake 50 is fake but T.I. hella see thru like hommie said he try way too hard and niggaz get caught wit hammers go to jail all you niggaz really holding dick

  3. for c soulove dont come @ eastside but to get down to it who da fuck get lock down ova some fuckn gunns wit da kind money t.i. got it was some tialkn going on alrite but it wont t.i. and dem crackers it was t.i’s money and dem crackers ckuz money talk bullshit walk a 100 miles in da court system im out b easy

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