80 Pounds of Coke

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80 Pounds of Coke

      Goddamn..that is a lot of yayo yo..but anyhow Plies people got busted..notice I said Plies people..not Plies..word on South Beach however is the new face of MIA should be catching a charge for this ..but his people are going to be taking the rap for him..now how many rappers have had their people take the blame for them? I mean Tip was probably the last to get caught on his lonesome with something. But seriously would you take the rap for being caught with 80 pounds of coka..hmmm don’t even have to think on that one.


  1. thats what dumb ass white boys get for even bein on this site but imma break it down 4 u. plies has a song and in the hook he goes crackers will fuck around and give yo black ass 100 yrs so do u see y at the end of my comment i put lol whike we on the subj. though there are alot of black police chiefs we have one here in Omaha Ne but he is 2 dumb to look at the truth old ass crackers basically treatin him like a slave and he stupid enough to play the game with them while not winning. so if there are more black police chiefs it is all part of a bigger plan so crackers can say look at what u did with the chance we gave u. u will never get another of course u as a whiteperson will see it differently but look how yo people do us damn yo people so wrong

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