A Boogie Appears on TRL

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He performed a couple of his smash hits.

MTV’s reemergence of their once hit show, TRL, hinges upon nostalgia cloaked in an updated wardrobe. For the inaugural episode of the rebooted show, MTV called upon Migos to perform. Now, with a recently released well-received album, A Boogie took his turn to perform and be the guest of honor.

The emerging New York MC performed two of his biggest hits, “Drowning” and “Say A’”, to an enthralled crowd. Redirecting their energy from listeners to inquisitors, A Boogie then answered a rapid-fire series of questions from attending fans. Questions ranged from who his biggest influence is (Bruno Mars) to would he ever date a fan (no—sorry, ladies).

Take a look at some of the clips below from A Boogie’s time with TRL: