A Look Into Lebanon’s Drug Valley (Dope)

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This is ill.  Some real culture shit.  VBS.TV delves into one of the biggest drug markets in the world, Drug Valley Lebanon.  The thing I thought that was really funny is that you can tell hip-hop has an effect on people throughout the world.  You have this drug dealer hanging out with his fancy sunglasses smoking hash filled spliffs, and whipping out his AK-47.  You know these drug dealers are ballin when they give the reporter a $500.00 piece of pure cocaine as a gift.

They kind of try to figure out if drugs are financing Hezbollah’s war on Israel, when they come to the conclusion that Iran is doing ht majority of the funding. That being said drug dealing sure does give a wonderful boost to the economy.  Apparently when your country has been entrenched in war for the better part of a quarter century the one thing that you can always count on is a market for drugs.




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