A True Video Shoot

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Check out the video directors footage of the recent Spider Loc video shoot which literally was just that, as gun fire erupted part way through the filming. Funny thing is G Unit member Spider Loc said the gun fire was actually aimed at another video being shot close by adn not his…hmmm yeah ok.


  1. Aha! come on this is funny to me.Like dude we see you you don’t gotta do all dat…Man its ashame what ppl do to be seen yadamean!I agree Lordsha^^^

  2. shorty gripped youngin up and bounced. that shit was funny but if they wasnt get shot at why everybody running tumblin lke fuckin girls. went from 60 niggas wall to wall like he said to the camera man. if it was a publicity stunt it aint make him look good.

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