A$AP Rocky Collabs With KandyPens to Create Limited Edition Vaporizer Pen

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Get yours before they run out.

A$AP Rocky has reached the coveted level of fame where his clout emanates from multiple sources. Sure, music will always be his anchor and main identifier, but his allure has transcended hip hop to accumulate value from diverse verticals. He raps, acts, and is a burgeoning fashion icon—he sits at the apex of brand power. Now, Rocky has teamed up with KandyPens vaporizers to create the very limited “Flacko Jodye Walnut” pen collection—only 100 are available.

Rocky has never been shy about his weed consumption habits. The Harlem-born rapper is frequently seen accompanied by his crew, some courageous threads, and a blunt—or the eyes of someone who just spent quality time with one.

While his latest endorser technically operates outside of the music arena, they are appreciated by the majority of the industry’s players and fans. The KandyPens x A$AP Rocky collaboration is a prime example of synergy, as its a perfect marriage of entities that offer individual qualities while accenting one another. Rocky is a stoner; people like weed and A$AP Rocky; KandyPens make quality vapes; people will buy an A$AP Rocky-branded KandyPen. Pure, simple, business.

In addition to the pen, KandyPens will provide a vintage looking cigarette case to holster the vape. You can go purchase yours now at KandyPens.