A$AP Rocky Freestyles Over a Fire Alarm

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Only Rocky could do this.

A$AP Rocky is an enigma. Securely placed at the intersection of culture, fashion, music, and sheer “cool,” Rocky is a transcendent talent who consistently leverages his undeniable musical talent for brand engagements. He just signed a deal with Under Armour, and last month he kicked it with GQ to answer an array of questions, and to do something only A$AP Rocky could accomplish: freestyle over a fire alarm.

While fielding questions from actor Mahershala Ali and André 3000, Rocky and co. were partaking in a celebratory sesh, which awoke the fire alarm’s siren. Most people would evacuate. Some would call the authorities. And Rocky? Well, Rocky did what Rocky loves: he rapped—and lit up another blunt.

Watch the full interview below, and skip to the 7:08 mark for his freestyle.