A$AP Rocky Remains Behind Bars

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Prayers go out to Rocky.

Last week, videos of A$AP Rocky and his crew getting into an altercation — including Rocky throwing an individual — with Sweden locals flooded the internet. Not long after, it was reported that Rocky would be detained in a Swedish jail, awaiting an aggravated assault charge. Today, unfortunately, it has come to light that the Supreme Court rejected Rocky’s appeal.

While the footage itself showed a violent interaction between Rocky and the “victims,” complete context should exonerate Rocky, as he was merely defending himself against incessant stalkers who were also allegedly slapping women’s backsides. 

With Rocky’s detainment, he’s not only losing his freedom, he’s also losing out on a substantial amount of money.

Already, he’s lost a reported 16 million SEK, which equates to 1,691,120.00 in U.S. dollars.

Our prayers go out to A$AP, and we hope that justice will prevail.