Afroman Returns with ‘Waiting to Inhale’

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      It’s been six years since everyone smoked out to Afroman’s hit “Because I Got High” and little do people know that he’s been through some ups and downs. After releasing his albums “Because I Got High” and “Sell Your Dope”, he became a born-again Christian giving up weed, liquor and women and released the spiritually-tinged album “Afroholic… The Even Better Times” in 2004. That didn’t last to long because just last year, he announced he was worldly once again and is now preparing to drop a new movie and album.

      The film, “Waiting to Inhale” is a spoof of “Waiting to Exhale” and will obviously feature a bunch of weed and getting high jokes. The movie will have an accompanying album of the same name, which Afroman has already made available for download.

      "One thing I like about being Afroman is that nobody really cares," he told the Associated Press. "I’m not Paris Hilton or nobody. The benefits of being nobody."