After Bus Crash, The Coup Ready For The Road Again

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Back in December, The Coup were leaving a San Diego show on the tour bus when it careened off, rolled over a few times, landed in a ditch and burst into flames. Everyone on the bus survived the crash but most of their equipment and personal belongings were destroyed and then having to cancel the tour, put a hurting on their pockets. In an effort to get back on their feet, Boots asked for donations and received an overwhelming response.

      “The way friends, family, fans, organizers, activists, supporters, music lovers, and strangers have been rallied for us has confirmed my belief in humanity and the idea of community,” Boots wrote on his blog. “We raised thousands of dollars from the Paypal account and various parties that were spontaneously thrown for us around the country. The money has enabled us to weather this storm by paying rent and bills, and replacing a few much needed items to hold us until we can start performing regularly again.”

       Boots said the fundraising is over and now their gearing up to get back on the road. The Coup will tour for most of March beginning March 1 in San Francisco up until March 29 in San Diego. They also will be participating in the Funky Elephant Festival in Helsinki and the Coachella Festival in Indio California during the month of April. Here’s the group’s current tour itinerary:


03/01/2007 The Fillmore Ballroom (w/ Lyrics Born) , San Francisco

03/02/2007 – Wonder Ballroom (w/ Lyrics Born) , Portland, Oregon

03/03/2007 – Neumo’s (w/ Lyrics Born) , Seattle, Washington

03/04/2007 – Richards On Richards (w/ Lyrics Born) , Vancouver

03/26/2007 – Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom (w/ Lyrics Born) , Denver, Colorado

03/29/2007 – Belly Up (w/ Lyrics Born) , San Diego, California