Album Review: Blame One- Days Chasing Days

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days-album.jpgEven though the American Civil War ended back in 1865, a modern version has existed for quite a while now.

But this time around the participants are of the Hip-Hop variety, and it consists of underground MC’s/purists, against the bubble-gum gimmicky artists who are running the art form right into the ground.

Luckily for the people who are on the side of preservation, they’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that California Hip-Hopper Blame One is on the frontlines in their favor.

Capturing the pure of essence and fundamentals that the genre was built on, his Days Chasing Days album is true Hip-Hop personified.

Behind the project is West Coast mainstay DJ Exile of Blu & Exile fame, but plenty of Blame One’s brothers-in-arms join in with their lyrical muskets—starting with the likes of Sean Price and Blu, while it ends with production by Black Milk, OH NO, and Exile himself.

‘Supreme Beings’ starts off the lyrical odyssey with its sharp orchestra-type loop, which leads right into the Black Milk-produced ‘Perseverance.

Proving why he’s becoming one of the most sought after beatsmiths in Hip-Hop, the Detroit native lays down a soulful backdrop for Blame One to express some of his thoughts, “Everything that you produce is done artificially/wishin’ you were a risk to me/but this will be/the final straw/play ya MP3 son/but let the vinyl fall/on the Tech 12’s.”

Exile gives Blame One a simple drum and scratch pattern on ‘Street Astrologist’ and the MC runs wild with a vocal tone reminiscent of Lord Finesse and a lyrical barrage that would make Big Pun blush; then he slows down the temple on ‘Bring It To You, which gives the listeners a better chance at dissecting his complex and intricate wordplay.

Boot Camp Clik general Sean Price makes his appearance on ‘Disturbed,and steals the show behind the horn-influenced track with his punchline material, “I will put down the pound, and pound on you/then pick up the pound, this round’s on you/CHEERS/y’all n*ggas ain’t ready for Ruck/how you want it b*tch/head or your gut.”

One of the more standout songs on the project is the title track, featuring ‘Days Chasing Days’Aloe Blacc and Beleaf. Using melodic and almost-hypnotizing production, all three performers come together perfectly to put your eardrums in a euphoric trance.

Days Chasing Days is a clean sweep from ‘Saturday Night Special,’ ‘The Word To Say,’ ‘Official With It,’ ‘More Fiyah’ featuring Johaz and Cross, right down to ‘Documentarian.Hip-Hop has never been hard to figure out; and Blame One managed to solve one of the simplest equations around: Good beats plus impeccable lyrics equals a solid album.

The only problem is that this project probably won’t get the shine it deserves due to how Hip-Hop is being spearheaded these days, but true lovers of real music will have no problem finding it—and if they don’t, then just look in the mirror because they’ll only have themselves to “blame.”

Rating: 3.5