Album Review: Blue Scholars- OOF! (EP)

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oof-cover-art_phixrAs Duck Down Records continues to open their doors, and lengthen their roster, they add the Seattle-based duo of Blue Scholars to the ranks.

Composed of the mouthpiece, Geologic and beatsmith Sabzi, they come together for their latest project, (besides the re-release of their Bayani album) OOF!, which is an EP.

Consisting of six complete songs, and six instrumentals, Sabzi provides simple stripped down drum patterns along with synths and other sound effects for Geologic to display his unique brand of lyricism, on the handful of tracks featured like, ‘Hello,’ ‘Bananas,‘Coo, ‘New People,and ‘Cruz.

On the instrumental side, all the songs featuring vocals are left bare, giving the listeners who happen to be artists themselves, aspiring or not, an opportunity to see what they’re capable of doing over Sabzi’s alternative Hip-Hop creations.

In the end, true fans of Blue Scholars will probably add this record to their collection, but for the people who are still unfamiliar with them, OOF! probably won’t make them believers with its non-traditional style of Hip-Hop production.

But on a positive note, artistry is all about taking risks, and Blue Scholars show no fear in doing so with their newest record, regardless of it being an EP or not…

Rating: 3.0