Album Review: Fly Gypsy- Change For A Dollar

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For years, the Washington DC area has been known for its signature Go-Go sound, but with the emergence of artists like Tabi Bonney, and Wale; the nation’s capital is beginning to show its Hip-Hop side.

Adding to that ever-growing roster is the duo of Fly Gypsy, as they make a name for themselves via their EP, Change For A Dollar.

Joining forces for the seven-track offering is Russian-born producer, Alexei Jendayi, and Jamaican-born mouthpiece, Kowboy Kom.

Taking a page out of the vintage Hip-Hop book, the twosome embody the “He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper” mentality that was so prevalent during the golden ages of the genre.

From the start, Fly Gypsy show their diversity on songs like female tale of ‘2 Step,’ the boy-meets-girl account in ‘Give It To Me,’ the Indian-themed ‘Get That Money,’ and the acoustic guitar sounds of ‘Look For You’ (feat. David James).

Proving that standing out is still a good thing; Fly Gypsy’s Change For a Dollar is a refreshing change of pace from the same old humdrum material that has flooded Hip-Hop in recent years.

The only thing bad about the project is its short track list, but then again, EP’s are always the appetizer, so the main course should be even better.