Album Review: J Dilla- Dillanthology vol. 2

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dilla-1_phixrOn February 10th, 2006, the Hip-Hop Community and the world for that matter lost the precious gem known as James Yancey to his family, and J Dilla to his fans.

The 32-year-old beat maestro from the “D” had succumbed to Lupus, leaving a lifetime full of memories, and classic material worthy of running your rewind or repeat button into the ground.

As his work continues to be released posthumously, most recently the Jay Stay Paid [Click to read review] project, other records have managed to rise to the surface as well.

Competing for attention along with the aforementioned is album is Rapster Records’ Dillanthology series, which is now in its second volume.

Staying in the same vein as volume one, this offering also features production he blessed various artists with before his unfairly passing.

But this edition of the series focuses more on remixed songs he did for the artists, rather than original material. Dillanthology vol. 2 is a remix album in the true sense of the word, meaning that the original song is actually “remixed” with different production, and the same lyrics, not like today’s remixes which call for the same exact beat, and a slew of guest features.

Containing remixes from memorable songs like Busta Rhymes’ ‘Whoo Ha (Got You All In Check), Masta Ace’s ‘Sitting On Chrome,De La Soul’s ‘Stakes Is High’ (feat. Mos Def and Truth Enola), Slum Village’s ‘Fall In Love,’ and Artifacts’ ‘The Ultimate, fans of his work will once again get the opportunity to relive his quirky sound arrangements and drums patterns that can never be duplicated.

With a couple more volumes scheduled to be released, the Dillanthology compilations is a must have for any true Hip-Hop listener.

Although the pieces of music might be possessed by a lot of Hip-Hop connoisseurs already, it’s still a good building block for anyone who hasn’t been able to obtain all of his contributions—and there’s never anything wrong when it comes to remembering greatness…

Rating: 4.0