Album Review: K’Jon- I Get Around

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kjon-i-get-around-copy_phixrBack in Motown’s heyday, the city of Detroit was filled with the soothing and soulful sounds of some of R&B’s greatest voices.

Even though Motown is no longer considered the gold standard for rhythm and blues, one of its artists trying to make a difference is newcomer K’Jon, as he does so with his debut album, I Get Around.

A native of Detroit himself, the silky-voiced crooner fills the project up with a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

From his hit single, ‘On The Ocean’ right down to relaxing pieces of music like ‘After The Club,’ ‘Summer Rain, the live concert-themed ‘I Know U See It,and the violin-oriented ‘Doing It Big.

K’Jon then uses songs like ‘What’s Really Good’ to display his versatility, by showing he’s capable of singing behind production that’s not typical of an R&B singer.

Other songs that help to complete the album are contributions like the piano-driven ‘On Everything,’ ‘Vanity, and ‘I’ll Never Forget.

Instead of falling in line with today’s prototypical R&B singer, K’Jon takes more of a traditional approach, where the quality of the music outweighed whether the video would reach number one or not.

His I Get Around record is just another reminder that true music is still out there, you just have to know where to look in order to find it.

Rating: 3.5