Album Review: Mike Jones- The Voice

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jones-article_phixrThe man who first made his debut back in 2005, by embedding his government name into your brain—Mike Jones [Click to watch video interview] returns with his official sophomore album, (The American Dream was an EP) in The Voice.

One thing that is noticeable right off the bat is that the Houston native tones down the “Mike Jones” gimmick a little, while expanding his vocabulary more than he did on previous efforts.

With that said, the star of ‘Still Tippin’’ fame gets back into the swing of things with the mandatory “swag song” in ‘Swagger Right.

After proclaiming that his swagger is out of this world, he goes into the Chopped & Screwed-themed ‘Houston Oilers.

On the song, things go fairly well, and then you find out old habits die hard, “And who are you/I’m who/Mike Jones/who Mike Jones.”

Trey Songz lends a hand on ‘I Know,as Mr. Jones discusses the love for his ride or die chick.

Fellow Texan Devin The Dude comes in on the sex-drenched ‘Give Me A Call.Behind one of the best-produced tracks on the record, they both trade lines about how horny they are.

Devin: “You know I’m comin’ through, and I’ll be there with a sack/I got rubbers, and I’m ready to put d*ck in your back.” Mike: “I f*ck hoes good, make them fall asleep/I’ll break a b*tch down, until she can’t breathe.”

Mike Jones’ repetitive nature strikes again as he adds another “swag song” to the album in ‘Swagg Thru The Roof. This time he talks about females having swagger instead of him, but anyway you slice it, one song about swagger on an album is enough.

The owner of Ice Age Entertainment makes his voice known with other songs like the radio-friendly ‘Next To You,’ ‘Drop & Gimme 50’ (feat. Hurricane Chris), and ‘Boi!, (which sounds like a poor man’s ‘A Milli’).

With The Voice, Mike Jones does show slight improvement lyrically and content-wise, but he still has a long way to go.

His redundant subject matter and urge to blurt out his name on a random basis still exist on this project, but he does a somewhat good job at keeping it in check at times.

Although this album probably won’t bring him back atop the mountain, he can still use it as a building block to better his craft when it comes to his next go-around… As the old saying goes: “Practice makes perfect.”

Rating: 3.0