Album Review: Playaz Circle- Flight 360: The Takeoff

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After releasing Supply & Demand back in 2007, Playaz Circle returns with their follow-up album in 2009 with Flight 360: The Takeoff.

The major difference between the two projects is that their sophomore effort doesn’t have a hit single like the first album did, (alah ‘Duffle Bag Boy’).

Despite that, Disturbing Tha Peace affiliates Tity Boi and Dolla Boy still invite the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive back for a second go-around, along with the likes of former label mate Bobby Valentino, Raekwon [Click for interview], the Casey Twins of Jagged Edge, Cee-Lo, OJ Da Juiceman, Young Dro, and of course; their boss, Ludacris himself.

Going with an air traveling theme, and equipped with stewardess interludes, the album leaves the runway with songs like braggadocio sounds of ‘Look What I Got,which carries into ‘Stupid, (feat. OJ Da Juiceman), and the slow, but adequate ‘Hold Up.

By far the strongest track on the album is another song that caters to their bank accounts in ‘Yeah We Gettin’ Rich’ (feat. Ludacris). The duo manage to veer off  the materialistic talk for a little bit, and conjure up their female song in ‘Can’t Remember’ (feat. Bobby Valentino).

Lil Wayne makes his way onto ‘Big Dawg, where the subject is none other than money, but the magic isn’t identical to the song that first put them on the map two years ago, with [Lil] Wayne being restricted to hook duty, where he’s assisted by the use of Autotune.

The rest of the album contains more of the same content with songs like ‘Quit Flossin” (feat. the Casey Twins), ‘Big Wheel Whippin,” and ‘Outta Here’ all being a part of it.

Filled with tales of exotic cars, out of this world bank accounts, and a wardrobe that would make Paris Hilton envious; Flight 360: The Takeoff doesn’t really do anything to separate itself from anything else going on in Hip-Hop right now.

With Playaz Circle playing it close to home, while reciting redundant subject matter; their takeoff resembles more of a delay on the tarmac. Hopefully they’ll have better clearance next time around…

Rating: 3.0