Album Review: P.O.S.- Never Better

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pos-1_phixrRhymesayers Entertainment is filled with a wide range of voices that fit the company’s criteria to a T; and one of the top thoroughbreds in their stable is none other than Doomtree’s P.O.S.

Epitomizing quote-un-quote “underground Hip-Hop,” P.O.S. enters the New Year with his third solo album, Never Better.

Handling the majority of production duties himself, he loads the project up anti-mainstream material pertaining to CEO’s and their golden parachutes, amongst other political views all behind a mixture of sounds that can pass for an alt-rock band backing up their lead singer.

The complex lyricist stays true form on songs like, ‘Let It Roll,’ ‘Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty),’ ‘Savion Glover,and ‘Purexed.

‘Goodbye’ happens to be one of the strongest records on the CD; (produced by Doomtree’s Lazerbeak) as the assistance of female voice sample accompanies lines like, “There’s so many lives, and so many lines waitin’/there’s only so much time, so many die patient/so many skate only when the ice is thin/we too nice to not dive in right after them.”

‘Get Smokes’ is more of a conceptual track where the quirky production drops off every so often leaving the MC to perform accapella.

Doomtree’s Dessa makes an appearance on ‘Low Light Low Life, and proves that women are capable of conjuring up tangible content instead of the typical stuff people have come to expect from the opposite sex when they’re in the Hip-Hop arena.

P.O.S. ties it all together with other songs like ‘Out Of Category,’ ‘Optimist’ (which happens to be the word tattooed across his knuckles on both hands), and the outstanding production of ‘Been Afraid.’

Never Better is a solid and well-put together piece of music created by someone who actually has the right to call himself an MC.

His distinctive vocal tone takes you on a journey through the mind of an individual who can probably care less about radio spins, as he doesn’t compromise his talent to conform to an industry in desperate need of a jolt and a pinch of originality.

Rating: 3.5



  1. I admit the hook on this album was the cover. It’s really attractive. But this is way better than audition. POS really grew up as an artist. Drumroll and Purexed are some of my favorites.

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