Album Review: Rakim- The Seventh Seal

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When it comes to Hip-Hop, only a select few have really made a powerful impact on the culture that will last far after they’re gone; and Rakim happens to be one of those individuals.

Returning with his first album in ten years, the God MC reintroduces himself to the world with The Seventh Seal, and a refresher course in ‘MC’ing 101.’

Right from the beginning, containing tracks produced by beatsmiths like Jake One, Nottz, and Needlz; the man who is on every Hip-Hop purists Top 5 List leads listeners on a lyrical journey with songs like the step-by-step guide of ‘How To Emcee,’ the descriptive tale of ‘Documentary Of A Gangsta,’ and ‘You And I.’

Rakim also makes it a family affair on The Seventh Seal, as his daughter, (Destiny Griffin) makes an appearance on ‘Message In The Song.’

One of the standout tracks comes in on ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed,’ as he uses he tongue to lash out material about his hiatus, and how is he still able to deliver metaphorical morphine.

He then seals the deal with solid contributions like, Holy Are You,’ ‘Psychic Love,’ and ‘Walk These Streets’ (feat. Maino).

Not letting a deteriorated opportunity at Aftermath with Dr. Dre deter him, Rakim hands those who yearn for serious content and lyrical prowess from an adult perspective on a sliver platter with The Seventh Seal.

Proving why he among one of the solid pillars of the Hip-Hop foundation, Rakim Allah effortlessly shows off the flow that many current MC’s learned from.

The only thing that holds the album back from being a solid project from top to bottom is the production choice. The tracks produced by the aforementioned cater right to the veteran lyricist, but a handful more fail to bring his full potential back to the forefront.

In the end though, either way you look at it, sustaining a career in Hip-Hop for over 20 years, while still remaining absolutely relevant is a feat within itself, but when you’re dealing with a God, you shouldn’t be surprised; you should expect it.

Rating: 3.5