Album Review: Sandpeople- The Story, Short… (EP)

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long-article_phixrNot since the early days of Wu-Tang Clan has a large collective of MC’s with unique styles graced one stage.

By doing so, the lyricists from Shaolin laid a foundation for those willing to try something of that magnitude once more—and following that path is Portland, Oregon’s Sandpeople with their EP Long Story, Short...

Not to get them confused with the 90’s legends, or their personas, because they’re completely their own entity, and not carbon copies of the aforementioned.

Consisting of Mo-B, Illmaculate, Iame, Al-One, Gold, Ethic, Onlyone, and production specialist Sapient, the Sandpeople combine raw lyricism and gritty beats that will people on notice when it comes to discussing Portland Hip-Hop.

The 9-track offering kicks off with the industrial sounds of ‘Strands’ and catchy metaphors like, “I’m not jokin’ around/I’m chokin’ you out, soda pop soldiers/we got heat you can’t touch even with pot holders.

From there, a piano loop is used to help express themselves on ‘Hate Aside,which also has them harmonizing on the hook.

One of the strongest pieces of music on the project comes in on ‘Money Is On Their Minds,which sees them rapping about the importance of being financially stable, “I don’t get animated about car insurance/I wish I didn’t have to pay it, but I’m hard at work/to make sure the insurance on my car is current.”

Other standouts come on ‘Goodbye World,’ ‘Oh My God,and ‘Beyond Us.The Sandpeople make the most of their Long Story, Short… with everyone getting a chance to showcase their own individual talent.

Whereas some groups sound like each member is trying to outshine the next, the Sandpeople are the total opposite, with the record coming off as an authentic group effort rather than a competition, and that’s the true definition of playing your position…

Rating: 3.0