Album Review: Shwayze

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A few weeks back, I mentioned California-bred rapper Shwayze to you all and that he was on a quick rise to fame. To re-familiarize you all with his story, he’s from Malibu, and he got his start after he befriended rock producer and former Whitestarr member Cisco Adler. The two collaborated to make some songs and eventually got a deal with Suretone Records and got their own MTV show called Buzzin’.  

Anyway, their debut album came out on Tuesday, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you all. The album is 12 tracks long (actually 69, but I’ll explain later), and is filled with quotable lyrics from Shwayze’s laid-back raps, and tons of catchy melodies crafted by Adler. The two singles “Corona & Lime” and “Buzzin” basically set the tone for the rest of the album, but definitely are not the highlights.

Shwayze and Cisco are definitely a great duo, however. They feed off each other creatively, and have the unique ability to transform regular album cuts dedicated to James Brown  into potential singles that could get TRL play. The best track on the album is either the lead-off, “Roamin,” on which Shwayze discusses blowing up and having fun while doing it.

Through all the weed and women references, this is a quality album with literally not one bad song. And, in an effort to surprise the CD-buying masses with a bonus, after the first 12 tracks, Shwayze & Co. add 56 tracks of white noise before track #69 – a bonus track.  Enjoy this album and go out and buy it, if you can sit through all 69 tracks.