Ali Arrested in St. Louis, Claims Police Brutality

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By: Rizoh

       A member of Nelly’s St. Lunatics crew, Ali Jones, was stunned with a Taser by a St. Louis police officer and arrested for driving with expired license and tags over the weekend, reports the Associated Press. Ali, 34, claims police brutalized him by stunning him 46 times with a 50,000 volt taser gun.

      The rapper said he was handcuffed in the back seat of the squad and was threatened by the arresting officer. "He gets out, opens the backdoor and he tases me over and over," Ali told a local TV station. "I was afraid. I had a bowel movement on myself, he tased me so long. Ali also claimed that the officer, who is white, made several racist comments during the incident.

      The Hazelwood Police Department, on the other hand, said in a statement that Jones resisted arrest and kicked the arresting officer. Ali denies the Hazelwood police’s account that said he resisted arrest, damaged the patrol car and kicked the arresting officer. "There is no way that I could kick him from the back seat."

      Ali was charged with resisting arrest, third degree assault on a police officer, and property damage to a police car. He was later released on $1500 bond.