Alicia Keys is giving away cash, might start packin’

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      In an effort to help students achieve their college dreams, Alicia Keys announced that she will be giving away $5,000 college scholarships as part of the The Open Doors Scholars Program which is part of Frum Tha Ground Up, a Jacksonville-based nonprofit organization started by Keys’ road manager, D.J. Walton, who went to college in Jacksonville. Keys will be giving scholarships to students in four cities – Jacksonville, New Orleans, Atlanta and Harlem in New York City.

       "We’re just looking for standout students who are definitely college-bound and need a little bit of help financially to really achieve their dreams," Keys told the Associated Press.

      Keys also recently announced that she is considering packin’ a gat. She’s gearing up for the release of the film, “Smokin’ Aces”, where she plays an assassin and had to learn how to use a gun for the role.

      "I’ve never owned a gun, but I’m seriously considering owning one now,” Keys said. “God forbid, if anything happened I would be prepared."

      “Smokin’ Aces”, which also stars Common, hits theatres on January 26.