AND 1 Tour Gets Two More Seasons on ESPN

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      ESPN’s AND 1 Mixtape Tour series has been a success for the last five years and the channel isn’t trying to let it go. ESPN has just renewed the streetball series for two more seasons and will be embarking on its latest tour this summer starting in June. The sixth season of the AND 1 Mixtape Tour will launch in July.

      "We are excited to bring the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour back outdoors this summer," said Mark Woolsey, AND 1 General Manager and CMO. "AND 1 is the premier streetball brand, and what better way to celebrate the eighth year of the tour and sixth year of the ESPN series than by taking it back to our roots where it all began for our fans and players.”

      The tour launches on June 16 in New York and will run until August 25 ending in Los Angeles. Your favorite ballers like Professor, Hot Sauce, Assassin, and 8th Wonder will all be back. Here’s the tour dates and official roster:


  New York                                             6/16/07
  Boston                                               6/23/07
  Atlanta                                              6/30/07
  Washington D.C.                                      7/14/07
  Philadelphia                                         7/21/07
  Detroit                                              7/28/07
  Chicago                                              8/04/07
  Dallas                                               8/11/07
  San Francisco                                        8/18/07
  Los Angeles                                          8/25/07

  *Schedule subject to change

  8th Wonder                                          North Carolina
  Assassin                                                LA
  Baby Shack                                          DC
  Bad Santa                                           LA
  Escalade                                             New York
  Go Get It                                             Chicago
  Helicopter                                           North Carolina
  Hot Sauce                                           Atlanta
  Professor                                             Oregon
  Silk                                                      Baltimore
  Springs                                                Detroit

  Coach — Mike Ellis
  MC — Duke Tango