And Then There Were (Final) Four…

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trophyOut of 64 teams, only three more must endure the heartbreak of their season coming to an end before the NCAA crowns a new Division 1 champion.

By now most of your brackets have been busted into oblivion, while some college basketball gurus weathered the storm.

President Obama picked North Carolina to win it all much to the dismay of Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski; who said that the president should be concentrating on the current issues of America rather than filling out brackets, (looks like we all know who he voted for).

Anyways, the last teams left standing are UConn, North Carolina, Villanova, and Michigan State (which is practically a home game for them seeing that it all takes place in Detroit).

So as you’re huddled around your plasma flat screen yelling your heads off this weekend to see who’s going to be the last two programs in contention for the number one spot, do one simple solid: Make sure you tip the pizza delivery guy well, because he’ll be working a different version of overtime… (PS.. Go North Carolina!!!)