Andre 3000 to Release “Class of 3000” Soundtrack

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By: Rizoh

      Here’s one more reason to anticipate this year’s Independence Day: Andre 3000 will drop a soundtrack for his highly acclaimed animated series Class of 3000 on July 3rd, just a day before Independence Day anniversary.

      The soundtrack, dubbed Class of 3000: Music Volume One, features 14 of the songs ‘Dre wrote exclusively for the Cartoon Network series. The songs are flavored with voices of characters, including music teacher Sunny Bridges (voiced by Andre).

      Created by Thomas W. Lynch and Andre “3000” Benjamin, “Class of 3000,” chronicles the life of music star Sunny Bridges, who ditched a thriving career to teach a group of gifted musical prodigies at his alma mater, the Westley School for the Performing Arts.

       Catch a new episode of the series this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. ET.


Class of 3000: Music Volume One Tracklist

1. Class of 3000 Theme

2. Life Without Music

3. Throwdown

4. Oh Peanut

5. We Want Your Soul

6. Banana Zoo

7. A Richer Shade Of Blue

8. Fight The Blob

9. UFO Ninja

10. Kim Kam Jam

11. Luna Love

12. The Crayon Song

13. My Mentor

14. Cool Kitty



  1. Andre 3000 is hands down the most talent rapper in the game, he is the most creative, and he has been doing for year… i never heard of Andre 3000 said “take your white t- shirt 2 sizes down and make your mother proud”.

  2. I guess people want to hear the old Andre on “Player’a Ball” from “Southernplayalisticadilliacmusic”. Sorry that he has evolved….thats what artist do! (CeeLo Green also), but don’t sleep cause he’ll still spit fire. Listen to his verse on UGK’s “International Player’s Anthem”

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