Another Former Roc-A-Fella Artist Pissed at Jigga

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Seems like nowadays Jay-Z can’t even wake up without making a former partner, artist, or even fan mad. Whether its not pushing an artist’s album hard enough on Def Jam or not signing off on Def Jam artists to appear on another artist’s album, he’s really not winning over his industry peers. Now a former Roc-A-Fella artist is mad at Jay for stealing his “diamond” hand sign, yes, the hand sign that Jay was throwing on the cover of the Dynasty album.

       “You can clearly see me throwing up the diamond sign in The Streets is Watching movie in 1998,” said Rebel, who was part of the Roc-A-Fella group, Diamonds in the Ruff in the late 90’s. “Jay didn’t begin throwing up the diamond sign until The Dynasty Album in 2000 after we (Diamonds in da Ruff) had left the label and broken up. I mean ask yourself. What’s a diamond got to do with a dynasty? The diamond represents Diamonds in da Ruff – – that’s my group.”

      “When I first saw Jay throwing up the diamond sign on the cover of his Dynasty album I can’t lie, I was angry. But I had temporarily given up rap so I let it rock. But In the past year or two since then, I‘ve come to some important realizations. For starters, my music is strong enough to hold it’s own against a little controversy or anything else you throw at it. Secondly, I’ve never let anyone or anything stop me from being who I am or saying or doing what I want no matter what the consequences. By my own standards I was being a clown for holding my tongue on something that I felt so strongly about.”

      So to set the record straight, Rebel recorded a freestyle that he says isn’t a diss, but to let fans know the true history of the “diamond” hand sign. We’re guessing it has nothing to do with wrestler Diamond Dallas Page? Click here to here the song: CODE RED STUDIOS and  click here to see the Streets is Watching clip


  1. This is some shit. You sound like a man waiting for the next man to get rich. So u can put out ur hand real quick. Jay dont owe u shit Bitch. I say Bitch cause ur acting like one

  2. ayo Jay gets most of his style from others swag…But who can knock him its like a well tuned machine with parts from others… But come on a sign…Makes no sense, next its gonna be the color of t-shirts. ( i wore black first…lol)

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