Anticipated Pharrell/?uestlove Remix Project Officially Shelved

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      For those out of the loop, Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams’ debut album, “In My Mind”, didn’t do too well last year and the critics weren’t much nicer either. So in an effort to not let the energy of the project go to waste, Pharrell hooked up with ?uestlove (of The Roots) to remix the entire album. The duo would call the album “Out of My Mind” and would release under the name, Pharrell and the Yessirs. But now according to ?uestlove, Interscope Records is having second thoughts about releasing the album.

      “For now the project is shelved,” ?uestlove wrote on his blog. “Perhaps yall can organize a petition to make Interscope release it, but I will work with P on a new project soon in the same vein.”

      ?uest will also be previewing a new Pharrell and The Yessirs track for every 10,000 plays. So far he has previewed the remixes of “You Can Do It Too”, ”Best Friend”, “Raspy Shit”, “How Does It Feel” and “Number One”. For info on when he posts a new track, check out Okayplayer.