Are Roddy Ricch & Drake Planning A Collab Track?

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Roddy’s recent tweet has the rumor mill swirling.

In addition to being one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Drake’s greatness extends past his individual talents into his savvy strategy. His hits are known and prolific, but he also has a great ear for talent, and astutely collaborates with pioneering artists to not only bolster his own proliferation, but to give young talent a highly-valued endorsement. From assisting Lil Baby’s “Yes Indeed” to BlocBoy JB’s “Look Alive,” Drizz is a gatekeeper; everyone wants the access key. 

Roddy Ricch, the burgeoning 20-year-old Compton-born sensation, has taken the industry by the reins through his hyphenate singing – rapping style, and penchant for crafting hits — like the Scott Storch-produced “Down Below” and providing the hook on the late Nipsey Hussle’s highest-charting single, “Racks in the Middle.” 

The rumor mill is buzzin, as a Drake x Roddy Ricch collaboration might be on the imminent horizon.

In a July 13th tweet, Roddy tersely delivered a six-word message: “juss talked to Drake… it’s lit.” Now, while this is the only information available regarding a potential joint track, fans’ imaginations have become unhinged, and are running wild with anticipation for this offering.

Replies like “Can’t wait for it” and “Give us the collab” have populated the thread; proclamations like “Roddy x Drizzy collab? Issa wrap” are fueling the rumor mill fires. 

Will we hear this anticipated and desired Drake x Roddy Ricch collab? Stay tuned to find out.