Are You America’s Hottest Dancer? Jennifer Lopez Wants to Meet You

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By: Rizoh

      Jennifer Lopez has kicked off a nationwide search for America’s hottest female dancer. The search, a collaboration between Secret perspirant/deodorant and J-Lo, kicked off the first of six casting calls yesterday.


      Secret’s Show Us Your Moves dance contest coincides with the launch of Secret’s “Because You’re Hot” campaign designed to celebrate female beauty and confidence.


“I think we can all agree that Jennifer Lopez is hot,” complimented Alex Smith, General Manager for Procter & Gamble Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant. “She’s a modern expression of feminine confidence in all its various forms, which makes her a great partner for the “Because You’re Hot” campaign which recognizes that confidence is sexy, offering the idea that when you’re confident, you are hot.”


      The Show Us Your Moves contest will travel to Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas throughout September. But you don’t have to be physically present to audition. Contestants outside those locations are encouraged to submit a 30-second video of their “Secret Hot Moves” online on BECAUSE YOUR HOT The winner will appear J-Lo’s next music video.