Artist To Watch: Flo Milli

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Tap in with Flo Milli

Many artists have seen a rise in their popularity thanks to the app Tik Tok, and that includes Alabama born rapper Flo Milli. Back in 2019, her song “Beef FloMix” went from Souncloud, to Tik Tok, to over 50 million listens on Spotify almost over night. 

With the 2020 release of her debut mixtape “Ho, why is you here ?”, Flo Milli is proving she has what it takes to excel in the rap game. The 12 track project features catchy, playful beats and taunting lyrics that effortlessly convey the 21 year olds confidence. Her first release of 2021, “Roaring 20s” has set the tone for what to expect from the artist this year.

Check out Flo Milli’s video for “Roaring 20s” here and give her a follow in Instagram.