Artist To Watch: Genesis Owusu

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Tap in with Genesis Owusu.

It’s not often that Australian artists get noticed internationally, especially when it comes to rap, but Genesis Owusu is one of the few exceptions. The Sydney native brings something new to the game that is unconventional and completely his own .

With his debut album “Smiling with No Teeth” dropping last month, Genesis Owusu proves that his music is way too complex and diverse to be classified as just rap. Everything from the production to the performance suggests that the artist’s sound can fit multiple genres. Influences from jazz, R&B, punk, funk and hip hop help Genesis create a cohesive listening experience in his 2021 release and has solidified him as the next big creative force in the music industry.

Check out “Smiling with No Teeth” here and give Genesis Owusu a follow on Instagram.