Artist To Watch: Kipp Stone

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Tap in with Kipp Stone.

Kipp Stone has been making a name for himself in the rap game since 2016. The east Cleveland rapper released his debut album “Dirty Face Angel” back in 2017 and, more recently, his mixtape “HOMME” dropped at the end of 2020. The 13 track project features a handful of songs produced by Kipp Stone himself as well as a feature from Mick Jenkins.

The artist wrote this project while simultaneously working as an essential healthcare worker at a nursing home, but make no mistake, despite him dividing up his time with his day job, Kipp Stone still shines on “HOMME”. The mixtape is a story of the artist’s life living in Cleveland and he uses his raw lyricism and distinctive production to share it. There is versatility in “HOMME” with songs ranging from fun, hype music to more introspective tracks that make you stop to really think about what Kipp is saying. 

I am excited to see what’s next for Kipp Stone but until then, listen to “HOMME” here and give the artist a follow on Instagram.